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Behavioural Training

Today Behavioural Training is very important of all corporate training as organisations across the world recognize the importance of instilling the right attitude in their employees.

"If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behaviour", says the great American psychiatrist, Dr. William Glasser. The change in behaviour requires them to unlearn behaviour ingrained in them over a period of time and imbibe new behavioural skills.

Behavioural Skills Training:

Behavioural skills training is a combination of skills that are needed in interpersonal relationships, effective communication, engaging attitudes and productive emotions that will enable people to work & perform well with others. In other words, it helps individuals to take a look at their behaviour patterns, and equips them with new skills to identify new patterns to get better results. Hence these programs are a key part of leadership training

Google did extensive research to identify the key behaviours that would enhance the performance of a manager. In the article, "Google's Quest to Find the Ideal Boss" they identified eight behaviours that good managers should have:

  1. Facilitate and Coach: Offer precise, positive feedback; Have frequent, one-on-ones, presenting solutions to problems, personalized to your employees’ specific strengths.
  2. Macromanage and avoid micromanaging: Good leadership skills helps you to strike a balance in giving liberties to your employees, while still being within reach for guidance.
  3. Be concerned about the well-being of your team members: Recognize your employees as individuals with lives outside work.
  4. Be courageous about obtaining results: Facilitate the team in prioritising their work and use your position to eliminate roadblocks.
  5. Communicate with efficacy: Effective communication skills are a two-way street: you both listen and contribute to information. This helps the team to connect the dots.
  6. Be Team Focused: Be earnestly involved in the career development of your team.
  7. Clarity of Vision: Have a clear vision with supporting strategy.
  8. Self-Development: Have the necessary skills so that the team can fall back on you.

Mr. Lazlo Bock, Google’s Vice-President for People Operations says, he is surprised by the simplicity of the rules. This simplicity not only creates ease in the application but also does not require a personality transplant for a manager.
Mr. Bock says, "You don’t actually need to change who the person is" he says. "What it means is, if I'm a manager and I want to get better, and I want more out of my people and I want them to be happier, two of the most important things I can do is just make sure I have some time for them and to be consistent. And that’s more important than doing the rest of the stuff."
The latest addition to our services is providing microlearning content. This will help to enhance learning and retention of our courses. It is a form of learning through which the latest generation learns.