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Trustworks knows that running a business is not an easy task. By providing you a comprehensive employment and payroll service, you can say goodbye to extra time spent managing your payroll. This means that you can focus on more important things, like running your operations in India.

Employment outsourcing is the easiest and fastest way to hire employees in countries where you do not have a legal entity or where you are not allowed to hire people for any reason. It enables you to quickly establish a local team in the country of assignment, through either a temporary employment solution or even a permanent solution. It offers you the ability to test a new market with a minimal investment (no need to incorporate a local company), although your employees may be employed through us permanently.

Trust works will act as the Employer of Record. This means that you will outsource the hire, the employment and the payroll functions to us while you keep the operational management of the employees to focus on your core business.

With the Employment Outsourcing, Trust works will offer a local employment contract to your employees in the country of assignment. Your staff will be hired by us but subcontracted to your project.

The local employment contract will be drafted in compliance with the local labour law and in accordance with your specific requirements and internal policies. The employment contract will be governed by the legislation of the country of assignment including, but not limited to, all the applicable rules and procedures in terms of minimum salary, probation period, notice period, leave pay, termination and severance pay.

The employment outsourcing solution includes all the features of the Payroll outsourcing.


We are committed to delivering superior services with integrity, trust and appreciation to maintain our customer loyalty. We promise that we will deliver exceptional business results while making a positive contribution to our client’s organization