Corporate Event Services


Complimentary Venue Search

Looking for the right kind of a venue or space to host your event?

Our complimentary venue finding services help you look through lots of potential venues for your event. We consider all possible factors –guest seating, location, and transportation to availability and shortlisting. We have a lot of experience working with all kinds of venues including convention and banquet halls, hotels, exhibition halls, warehouse venues, blank space venues, auditoriums, farmhouses and wedding halls. We also stay constantly updated about new venues, booking rates and information on availability.

We are committed to finding you a venue that suits the occasion, absolutely free of cost – you would only have to pay the venue owners for services you avail of there. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll take care of the rest, so that you can take your time to plan the most important aspects of your event while we find the best venue possible at the most well-negotiated rates.


Décor, Theme and concept planning

Our extensive experience in event management serves us well when it comes to brainstorming on the theme, décor and overall plan for our Corporate Event Management. We analyze your brand, its positioning, values and the desired outcomes of the event, and plan a creative theme around the same. We have created all kinds of different themes and concepts for event planning such as a glamour theme, family theme, South Indian theme and so on. We handpick the most original and beautiful backdrops, stage lighting and settings, and add our own little touches to the event décor as well to make the event special for all guests.


Artist Management and Event Entertainment

We work with some of the most reputed artists in Bangalore across genres of entertainment whether Film Stars, Tv Celebrities, Radio Jockeys or Video Jockeys along with other Dj’S & MC’s. We coordinate with them on their availability, and come up with original concepts that use their talent and skills with lots of good inputs from them. We then make them take centrestage at your event as they regale the crowd with their emceeing skills, jokes, improvs, stand-up comedy performances, DJ performances, mimicry, fire shows and a lot more. We believe that entertainment is a big part of any event because the challenge lies in keeping the crowd engaged.


Production of stage + Branding panels

The stage for any event is the focal point for all the exciting aspects of the programme schedule. When we conceptualize an event we always consider the kind of stage to be set up, the backdrop and the overall desired effect through uplighting, innovative décor solutions, flower decorations and a lot more. We also create the branding panels for Corporate Event Management with the help of our design team. We have created branding panels for clients like Brady Corp, Aditi Staffing, Decathlon and a lot more.


Audio, Video and Lighting Setup

The right quality of audio and video are crucial to any corporate event. We hire some of the best audio and video professionals for all our Corporate Event Management to ensure that the event only has the highest quality in terms of clarity of sound and video visibility for all the guests. In Corporate Event Management, a lot of important presentations, talks and speeches make the need for the right audio and video solutions even more crucial. In addition, our creative approach to lighting for events includes the latest trends and also takes into account what would look good for your particular brand.


Graphic Designing and Printing

We also offer graphic design and printing services whenever required for all the Corporate Event Management in Bangalore that we do. This includes any sorts of banner printing, backdrop creation, posters and email newsletters and more. Our graphic design services and printing services will help your company build a complete brand for your Corporate Event Management and showcase it in an appealing manner.


Corporate gifts

Corporate gifting is an art, and perfected, it can do wonders to appeal to your client base as well as your employees. Corporate gifts have now become a part of the process of corporate event planning, and we design the most exclusive corporate gifting solutions for our clients. This includes beautifully crafted, hand-picked corporate gift packages made in a way that promotes company branding and also appeals to guests. Our corporate gifting solutions will add more to your event and will make your guests appreciate your brand even more.


Value added services

Every corporate event has a million different aspects that go into it; as corporate event planners in Bangalore, we believe that it’s our duty to our clients to offer the most amazing value adds for their event in addition to everything else. This includes professional photography and videography services, great food sourced from some of the best catering services in Bangalore, invitation designs and choreography services. For all our Corporate Event Management so far, we have been appreciated for these value additions as they save our clients a lot of time and effort and add elements that make the event memorable.