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Interviewing Skills Training

The Interviewing Skills Training for Managers conducted by Trust works very effectively answers the question, "How to interview?" Today's job market has become very competitive. As representatives of the organization, how can HR professionals choose the most suitable candidate for a job? In other words, what are the interview skills that interviewers need to develop to hire the right candidates? We understand that this is not an easy task.

Our Interviewing Skills Training helps participants to improve their ability to hire the right candidate by using new and innovative interviewing tips.

Interviewing Skills are the skills of conducting engaging interviews with effective questions that enable a hiring manager or interviewer to ensure they follow best practices in order to hire candidates with the relevant skills, behaviour and mind-set who have a job-role fit and a cultural fit with your team/organisation.

Interview Training

The key focus areas that are covered in the Interviewing Skills Training for Managers conducted by Trustworks are:

  • Interviewing to Elicit the Core Competencies of the Candidate:
    1. Progressive Stages of an Interview
        • Preparing for an interview
        • Opening an interview
        • Building rapport
        • Gathering information
        • Giving information
        • Closing an interview
        • Post-interview work
  • Probing with the Effective Use of Questions
    1. Types of Questions
        • Open-ended questions
        • Close-ended questions
        • Factual Questions
        • Questions about Opinions and Feelings
    • Imaginative Questions
    • Exploratory Questions
    • Acceptable and Unacceptable Questions
    • Key Areas of Interviewing
    • Having the right body language while interviewing
    • Reading the body language of the interviewee
    • Having the appropriate tone while interviewing
    • Importance of listening skills while interviewing
    • Managing bias in handling interviews
    Essential Interviewing Skills:

    The methodology of conducting an interview is important but just as important is the skills of the interviewer to connect with the interviewee. The top 3 skills that are essential to establish this connect are:

    • Effective listening skills  -  The ability to actively listen helps the interviewer to establish rapport at a rapid pace. Our communication skills training enables one to develop the capability to listen beyond what is being said.
    • Being emotionally intelligent - Understanding the emotions of the interviewee helps the interviewer to display empathy. In our emotional intelligence training we use various techniques, which help the interviewer to enhance his/her emotional intelligence.
    • Asking effective questions - Asking questions is the most important skills of an interviewer. However, the way these questions are phrased critically determines the efficacy of the answers received.  Chris Smith and Chris Stephenson, in their blog on hiring winners have some wonderful examples of how the effectiveness of simple questions can be dramatically enhanced by rewording it.

    Interviewing Skills Training for Managers conducted by Trustworks has great feedback from the participants because we systematically address each one of the 3 areas mentioned above. We also conduct mock interviews in the training room which are video-graphed, that depict all the various characteristics of an effective interview. These videos are shared with the participants. They create great learning and become a ready reckoner guide for the future.

    Organizations whose employees have attended our Interviewing Skills Training for Managers have listed the below observations:

    • Reduction in time spent of interviews
    • Being able to articulate questions that elicit core competencies
    • Lower number of candidates quitting in the first 3 months
    • Interviewers finding the interview process to be less tedious
    • Conducting more professional interviews